Emergencies-Out of Hours

Providing your pet with care around the clock

During Opening Hours 

If your pet has an emergency during our normal opening hours, please call the practice and we will advise you what to do next.

Out of Hours Emergency Care

CALL US on 01764 652086 and select that your pet needs emergency care, your call will be directed to Vets Now, where you will speak to a member of their team about the care you need.

They will then work with you to determine what the next steps will be, and where is going to be best for you to attend one of their clinics (if needed).

Vets Now is the pet equivalent of an accident and emergency service, dedicated to providing pets with access to a vet out of hours. It’s all they do. 

They are based in numerous locations across Scotland and the rest of the UK, our nearest clinics are Dundee, Glasgow and Kirkcaldy. (see below for maps of where these are located). They employ a dedicated team of vets and nurses to provide excellent care throughout the nights and weekends, so they are fresh and ready to help you, whatever time you need it.

They offer free telephone advice, and up until 11pm you can have a video consultation with a vet prior to needing to travel (we think this is a brilliant option to access good veterinary advice). 

We hope that with a dedicated service, you will be less worried about disturbing our vet’s sleep and so will feel more able to access support and advice whenever you are worried through the night. The team at Vets Now also undergo additional training in emergency and critical care, which means in the event of your pet needing emergency care, they are very well prepared and resourced to support you and your pet’s needs.  

Vets Now has been providing dedicated out-of-hours emergency pet care across the UK for more than 15 years, and now responds to almost half-a-million pet emergencies every year.

We believe our partnership offers you and your pet the very best level of care, day and night.

Vets Now Dundee

Parkside Veterinary Group
5 King's Cross Road

Tel No: 01382 699066

Vets Now Hospital Glasgow

123-145 North Street
G3 7DA

Tel No: 0141 230 6377

Vets Now Kirkcaldy

St Clair Veterinary Group
Pottery Street

Tel No: 01592 308819