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We highly recommend pet insurance to all of our small animal clients. Advances in small animal medicine and surgery in recent years mean that vets in practice and especially specialised referral centres are able to offer a much higher standard and wider range of treatment. However, ongoing or specialist treatment can often come with a high price tag. Having your animal insured means that the choice and availability of treatment is not compromised by financial considerations. It also often helps to reduce stress as when you are already upset and concerned about your sick pet you don't need to be worrying whether you can afford to give them the best treatment. 


A number of different insurance companies offer good policies. Our general advice is to ensure that the policy you choose is not time limited per condition. These policies will only cover each condition for one year, this means that if your animal develops a chronic condition, such as arthritis or diabetes, the company will only pay for one year of treatment. These ongoing conditions can often be the most costly in the longrun so we advise a 'lifelong' policy with an amount per condition per year or, at least, one that is limited to a generous amount per condition rather than on a time basis. We would recommend a minimum of £3000 cover for dogs and £1000 cover for cats.


We do not charge any administration fee for the completion of insurance claim forms as many other practices now do.

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