Saying Goodbye

Sadly, over the years, many of us at Crieff Vets have had to say goodbye to one of our own beloved pets so we understand just what a difficult time this can be.


We can offer guidance and support to help owners decide when the right time is. As we are less emotionally involved, we can advise what the options are and what may be best for your pet. 


We understand that it can be more difficult when you feel you have little or no control over your pet's fate. We can help you focus on what you can control, such as ensuring they go peacefully, that you can be with them in a quiet, or home, environment, and that you have the time you need with them. 


You will also be able to decide where your pet's final resting place will be. We can arrange routine and private cremations with a large range of options for ashes return. We treat all animals with respect and use a trusted provider for this. 


The loss of a pet can be similar to mourning a close friend or family member. Many of our pets can be with us for such a long time that they can have been one of the few constants in our lives, with us when we change jobs, move houses, have children and go through difficult times. Some people who haven't had animals don't understand this, but it is completely normal to have feelings of intense grief, loneliness and isolation. It is also normal to feel guilt. As pet owners, we have to make difficult decisions for our animals and when we are grieving we often over-analyse these decisions trying to find fault with ourselves. The strength of all these feelings can take us by surprise and last longer than we might expect ourselves, but they do get better with time. As vets, we are happy to offer support during this time. Many owners find that seeking reassurance, being able to discuss the decisions made and speaking to people who understand the way they are feeling, can help them to move forwards. For further support there are a number of useful resources such as the Pet Bereavement Support Service.

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